People Forum Of India

Legal help

We have engaged with policy makers and build a relationship with key State and National level networks and alliances to build support for the marginalized communities.

Building on the work done over the past few years, we focus on developing outcome-based thematic advocacy strategies for all the sectors. We are always there to help someone who do not have a proper knowledge of legal terms and help them to overcome these situations. People forum of India establish with soul of legal empowerment and access to justice. There are various problems in the society and to handle those situations we need proper law and support. Law play very crucial role for social transformation in India. looking at these various problems in the society people forum of India give legal aid to all citizen across India. We have professional and qualified team of esteem judges and advocates of India. Our society has some legal arrangements for its smoothing running, but everybody is not that much technical on legal terms. Due to this reason every person somewhere, somehow stuck in legal issues.

Some people come out with help of their efficiency, but few people stuck in it.we give support to those who stuck in it and do not have any solution for them. we teach them guide them for their rights and provisions in law.