People Forum Of India


Women are the base of society. To raise hands for her right and empowerment is our duty. In people forum of India, we concerned about this and move our step forward.

We organize skill development program for women as Stitching, animal husbandry, farming, pickle making, milk collection, Clay work, rope making, disposable plate and glass making etc. Where she can learn to earn run their live independent. We also promote women education and ensure that every girl should go to school. For this we raise hands for the financial support, distribution of books, uniforms, help to get admission etc. We support to those women and housewives who want to utilize their skills or set up their business but due to adverse situation and some lacking they left behind in the race. In India 50% of women are belief that domestic violence is normal.  There is enough report to prove that every third women of India face domestic violence.

People from India give support to women to stand up on their own feet with own vision. We have government or national policy on empowerment of women . Women in India face many problems in their day to day lives, more than 245 million women across India are unable to read or write. People forum of India give them opportunity in the social and business sector. We are conducting training and skill development programs legal awareness program.

Our government is actively attempting to fight the social evils with so many schemes and program for women as:-

  • “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”
  • “One Stop Center Scheme”
  •  “Working Women Hostel Sheme”
  • “Ujjawala Yojana”
  • “Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana”